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Defy Limits

Every day, our para-athletes work hard and train tirelessly, all with the aim of enjoying sport and discovering their potential. Some have the honour of representing Singapore at the highest level, competing to bring glory to our nation.

We want to celebrate our athletes and their abilities. No, they don’t need pity. Take your pity and take it elsewhere. Our athletes don’t need sympathy. Our athletes are heroes in their own right. We are there when they triumph. We must also be there when they fall short. 

These are the stories are athletes who defy limits. These are the stories we want to tell. What is your story? How do you defy limits?

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The “para” in “para games” means parallel

Our Para-Athletes

Suhairi Suhani, 21

Suhairi can’t remember much about his childhood but one particular incident changed his life. He recalls having a high fever when he was in primary school, and being admitted to hospital. Shortly after, Suhairi returned to school and found that things were not the same. Suhairi was diagnosed with intellectual impairment and requires more time than others to understand certain tasks.

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Steve Tee, 38

In 2004, Steve was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare disease that begins with a partial loss of vision and eventually leads to total or near-total blindness. Then only 23, Steve could no longer play some of his favourite sports such as football and cycling. He went through a period of desolation and isolation. He kept to himself and continually questioned why he was so ‘lucky’.

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Toh Wei Soong, 21

When Wei Soong was two years old, he was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a condition caused by the inflammation of the spinal cord, which affected his lower nervous system. Till today, there is no known cure for the condition. Wei Soong, however, soon discovered a love for sport like no other.

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Defying Limits

Steve Tee


Toh Wei Soong


Suhairi Suhani

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